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If you have an older or modern Avaya Phone System at some point you’re going to need Avaya Repair or Avaya Support. 

Avaya Repair: Your Business Communication Lifeline

When it comes to business communication systems, Avaya is a trusted brand.   However, even the most reliable phone systems may require Avaya repair and maintenance. Atlantic Business Systems is your go-to service provider for Avaya Repair when your system is not functioning as expected.

Why Avaya Phone Systems?

Avaya offers a range of business phone systems designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Some popular Avaya models include:

Avaya 18D

Avaya Repair and Avaya Troubleshooting

The Avaya 18D has been a powerful phone as part of the Avaya System is making one of the easiest-to-use Phone Systems every produced but it is aging.  You need to be aware you need a team who can offer Avaya Repair to your organization.  Contact Atlantic Business Systems today to provide a service call and health check. 

Avaya Partner

The Avaya Partner was a reliable and robust phone system designed for small to medium-sized businesses, it has in operation for over twenty years and is aging.  We know businesses love their Avaya Partner but now it needs someone who can offer Avaya Repair as it ages as it will begin to struggle to keep up with your organization without care. 

Avaya IP Office Phone Systems

Avaya IP Office is a scalable and flexible phone system, suitable for small businesses to large enterprises. It supports a variety of communication methods, including: PBX Mode, and Line System mode.  This system can work off a PRI, Lines or even SIP with the right license. 

Signs Your Avaya System Needs Repair

When your Avaya phone system starts to struggle, it’s essential to address the issue promptly. Some common signs that your system requires repair include:

Call Quality Issues

If you’re experiencing poor call quality, such as dropped calls or garbled audio, it may be a sign that your Avaya system can either be the Avaya Phone System which needs Avaya Repair, or Carrier issues.  This will require Avaya troubleshooting. 

Connectivity Problems

Connectivity issues, if your Avaya has one-way audio where the party can not be heard but you can hear them this is called one-way audio.  This is a conductivity issue caused by the carrier Analog hand offi. Their system may show a green icon that the system is working but the connectivity is not in sync.  This problem can only be resolved by the carrier by either replacing the Analog hand-off device or power cycling the ATA box. 

System Static

If your Avaya system has static or buzzing sound you need a professional technician to diagnose and repair it.  There are a few reasons why Avaya will have static on the call.   

The Importance of Timely Avaya Repair

Addressing Avaya system issues promptly is crucial for several reasons:

Minimizing Downtime

Quickly resolving problems with your Avaya phone system helps minimize downtime and keeps your business running smoothly.

Preventing Further Damage

Delaying Avaya system repairs can lead to additional damage and more costly fixes down the line. Keep your Avaya Technician handy for those times you need an Avaya Repair

Atlantic Business Systems: Your Avaya Repair Solution

When you need Avaya Repair services, Atlantic Business Systems has you covered. Our team offers:

Expert Technicians

Avaya Repair

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience working with various Avaya phone system models, including the Avaya 18D, Avaya Partner, and Avaya IP Office Phone Systems.

Contact us for Avaya Support


Comprehensive Repair Services

We provide a wide range of repair services, from diagnosing and fixing connectivity issues to replacing damaged hardware components.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Atlantic Business Systems,

we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our Avaya repair services, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your phone system is functioning optimally.

Avaya Support

When your Avaya phone system isn’t performing as it should, it’s essential to address the issue quickly to minimize downtime and prevent further damage. Atlantic Business Systems is here to help with expert Avaya Repair services for models such as the Avaya 18D, Avaya Partner, and Avaya IP Office Phone Systems. Trust our experienced technicians and commitment to customer satisfaction to get your business communication system back on track.


  1. What models of Avaya phone systems does Atlantic Business Systems repair?

    We work on several models of Avaya Phone Systems, such as the Avaya 18D, Avaya Partner, and Avaya IP Office Phone Systems.

  2. How can I tell if my Avaya phone system needs repair?

    Common signs that your Avaya system may require repair include call quality issues, connectivity problems, and system freezes or crashes.

  3. Why is it important to address Avaya system issues promptly?

    Timely Avaya system repair is crucial to minimize downtime, prevent further damage, and keep your business running smoothly.

  4. What kind of repair services does Atlantic Business Systems provide for Avaya systems?

    Our comprehensive repair services include diagnosing and fixing connectivity issues, addressing call quality problems, and replacing damaged hardware components.

  5. What sets Atlantic Business Systems apart from other Avaya repair providers?

    Our expert technicians, commitment to customer satisfaction, and extensive experience working with various Avaya phone system models make Atlantic Business Systems the ideal choice for your Avaya repair needs.


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