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The Toshiba Strata Phone System was a reliable phone system for small to medium-size businesses.  No longer supported by the manufacturer but we still do.

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If you are looking for a business telephone system for your office phone system that you need you have found the right place!   We also offer upgrades and Toshiba Strata and other system repairs.   We are a complete provider of Telecommunications Solutions, IP Cameras, Telephone Cabling, and Business Phone Repair

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Atlantic Business System is both a Business Telephone Systems Repair Center and installation of Small Business Phone Systems.  We like to say “Don’t stress call ABS” because we are here to help you upgrade your existing phone system, repair your old phone system, or install new phone equipment.  Our seasoned telecommunication technicians have a vast understanding of small business phone systems. We offer repair & service of Avaya Partner Phone System.    We strive to make it an easy, straightforward, affordable transaction for your business.

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We also provide 24/7 day a week Emergency Service to keep your phone system up and running when you need it.

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Toshiba Telephone Systems were sold to organizations in the United States starting in 1975 geared mostly to the Small Business Phone System Market and to Medium Size businesses alike.  The Toshiba Strata and the Toshiba CIX were the workhorses of Toshiba.  These easy-to-use Line Telephone Systems provided strong communications to organizations like yours.  Today, the Toshiba Strata and the Toshiba CIX are no longer made or even supported by the manufacturer Toshiba, but we still support this system in many markets.

Toshiba Strata CIX Overview
Impressive valuable options like Voice Mail/Auto Attendant/Group Calling, Automatic Call Distribution, and even early VoIP were available along with Caller ID, and other legacy phone system options. This telephone system showed adaptability/customization tools, and more to improve your business’ overall productivity and customer service.

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